Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cambridge Brewing Company Dinner...Will Meyers is a benevolent beer god!!!

We recently met with Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company to taste a wonderful selection of beers for our upcoming CBC Beer Dinner on Friday February 18. At first we thought that we would pair our food with selections that CBC feature on a daily basis, but Will had other ideas... He suggested that since this is a small dinner for ten people, we should dig deep into his cellar to pull out super special beers that he has been setting aside for just such an occasion. We could only agree to this amazing offer. As you can imagine, after sampling over 18 amazing beers, we settled on an extraordinary list of beers to feature at our dinner.
Sam and Will bonding over the sweet labors of Will's Genius
As a teaser, we have posted the menu below. Will is confirming his selection of beers and we will post the list along with descriptions shortly.

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