Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ATW Chris Edelman Menu

Amuse-Bouches at The Counter
Huittres Duet
“Nature” Raw, Apple Cider Mignotte and Toasted Brown Bread Point
“Villeroy” Poached, Chilled, dipped in Villeroy Sauce,
Breaded and Fried, topped with Lemon and Fried Parsley
First Course
Soupe de Poisson Provencale
Fisherman’s Soup with Crouton Rouille and Fiddle Head Tomme
Second Course
Timbal debrochet aux crevettes en a la laneth
Wall Eye Pike Timbal with Main Shrimp in Dill Sauce
Third Course
Sole Bonne Femme
Poached Filet of Sole with Glacage of Oyster Mushroom
Haricot Vert and Three Turned Vegetables
Fourth Course
Homarde a la Edelman Modern
Butter Poached Lobster on Caviar Beurre Blanc
Ginger Carrot Reduction, Saffron Turnip and Japanese Eggplant Pearls   Petit Pommes Anna, Chervil Salad
Souvenir des choses du passé
Madeline with Balsamic Caramel, Hot Taza Chocolate and Sea Salt

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