Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Martin Langer Dinner Menu (Teaser alert)

One of the great things about running an egalitarian kitchen, with a policy of mutual respect, and a reputation of sourcing high quality local ingredients, is that we tend to attract talented cooks that have a willingness to collaborate on menus. This dovetailed perfectly with this year's Northern Italian wine dinner with Martin Langer of Oz Wines. As it turns out, Ashley Ondrick one our hard working cooks, worked for three months at L'Angelo d'Abruzzo in the town of Carsoli on Northern Italy. So under her tutelage we have worked up a wonderful menu. This teaser menu is all in Italian. However, the English menu is to follow along with the specific 10 wines to be tasted.

Buon Appetito!

Aperitivo allo Sportello
Salumi Misti. Grissini di Casa. Seadas. Mostarda di Mele.

Antipasti di Frutti di Mare
Crudo di Mercato. Finocchio. Limone
Pesce Spada Affumicato. Cipollini in Agro Dolce. Pane Fritti

Primi Piatti
Sacchette alle Lenticchie. Cotechino di Anatra. Caramello di Carote. Mascarpone. Cavolo Fritto.

Secondi Piatti
Guancia al Café e Vino Rosso. Polenta. Gremolata di Ciliegia. Pastinaca Croccante.

Fiddlehead Tomme. Boggy Meadow Farm, NH.

Fior di Ricotta. Pera. Granella di Mandorla e Semi di Finocchio.

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