Monday, December 5, 2011

Lights, Camera...Dinner

    Since we started hosting At The Table With...., we have learned many things, collaborated with super creative, amazing people and have heard insightful, interesting and generally cool conversations with our guests. As it turns out, sharing a dinner with a friend or stranger is a great way in this hectic world of go- go-go, to actually stop, listen, enjoy and learn. In an effort to share this process with the folks that can't be one of the 12 people at The Table, we are going to start recording three videos for each dinner:

1. An interview/field trip for each guest host
2. Cooking and plating of the dishes
3. Highlights of dinner conversations

    We hope that folks will get a window in to our world and that our guests will be active participants in capturing the moment, without spoiling the natural progression of the dinner. If you are camera shy, or would prefer to not be in our videos, please let us know.


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