Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Martin Langer Wine Dinner Update

        Martin Langer stopped by today and brought his usual bag of tricks for us to taste. For those of you not in the know, Martin is our wines sales rep from Oz Wines. Although we source as many of our ingredients as locally as possible , we are still struggling to find wines grown in New England that can stand up to our menus.      Well, let me re-phrase that, we have yet to find any local regional red wines that work for us. This is where Martin and Oz Wines come in. They are a company that specializes in sourcing wines from small European producers, with an emphasis on obscure varietals and unlikely appellations, and a focus on food- friendly, delicious wines. Once a month we taste Martin's newest selections and update our wine list with our favorites. Therefore, whenever you join us at The Table, you too will enjoy a new and different wine that is an escape from the usual suspects of your standard wine list.
        During our tasting, Martin and I came up with the theme for his upcoming wine dinner: South-West France, a region that's home to cassoulet, fois gras and confit duck. Over the next week, Martin will be sending me his wine selections for the dinner and then we will work up a menu that focuses on cuisine from each region of origin for each wine. Also, for each food course we will be tasting two different wines from each producer.
        On a side you note, you might wonder why we choose wines from Europe rather than California. The reasons why are two fold: First, based on our research on Source Map, European wines shipped on a container ship produce a lower carbon foot print than wines trucked from California. Secondly, we have found that for the most part wines from Europe, that are typically grown in the cooler higher latitudes have a higher acid content and more subtle flavor quality that delivers a bottle that pairs better with food than California wines. Don't get me wrong, we also love West Coast Wines, but they tend to be more of a meal in glass that pairs better with a simple cheese course. Of course there are always exceptions, this is just generally speaking. No disrespect...just saying.

Keep your eyes posted for the menu and there are 7 seats for this event.

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